Top Soil

Landscape mulch is used as a protective cover to help modify the effects of climate, protect against weed growth, and block evaporation of water from the soil. In your gardens, let us edge out your planting beds, weed and clean before mulching.

Safeguarding your children’s play area with our mulching services. Installing playground mulch made of either wood chips or rubberized mulch underneath playground areas can help protect your children.

Soil is the foundation of our landscape and is comprised of sand, silt and clay, mixed with varying amounts of organic matter, water and air. Topsoil, as the name infers, is the uppermost layer of soil. The surface soil usually is darker in color than the subsoil below it because of the accumulation of organic matter. Loam is a textural classification. Texture refers to the relative amount of sand, silt and clay in a soil. A loam is technically a soil with between 7% and 27% clay, 28% to 50% silt and less than 52% sand.

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