Bluestone Masonry Steps

Flagstone and Bluestone steps can be constructed with various different risers, treads, and various shades of gray. The height and length of the hill is measured to determine the number of steps, the height of each riser, and the length of each tread. Different construction techniques can be used that will have a big influence on the price.

Flagstone or Bluestone masonry steps must be constructed on a concrete footer below the frost line which can add significantly to the cost. Bluestone treads could be used as treads on segmental retaining wall risers. Steps are constructed on a 6-inch base of compacted crushed stone, and at least 8-inches of wall stones below grade, but they do not require a concrete foundation so they are more economical than masonry steps.

Flagstone or Bluestone could be used as a veneer over concrete steps that are in sound shape and can allow for the extra 2-inches that the bluestone veneer will add. Solid one piece bluestone or other natural stone blocks 6-in. thick can be installed as complete steps. Flagstone or bluestone can also be used inside tie riser as treads or landings inside the ties. (see below). Please view some examples of our flagstone and bluestone steps below.

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